About me

Education and work experience.

Career Summary

Education Summary
  • BSc (Hons) in Quantity Surveying, University of Greenwich UK
  • Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate by Coursera
  • Getting Started with Power BI by Coursera
  • Introduction to Tableau by DataCamp
Employment Summary
  • 20 years working experience
  • 6 Unique Business Sectors and Functions



Chief Operations Officer

  • Managed day to day operations of the non-profit
  • Prepared grant application and funding proposals
  • Organised and managed all events and programmes
  • Managed operations of the headquarters, and branches 


Oil & Gas Exploration & Development

Training Specialist

  • Initiated and developed the Asia Pacific Training Division
  • Recruited, trained and developed a team of 4
  • Led the research & development of what became the industry standard of training courses for Upstream Oil & Gas Engineers


Cyber Security / Infosec

Business Development Manager​

  • Initiated & developed the Centre for Advanced Security Training (CAST)
  •  Recruited & trained new team members
  • Researched and produced training programmes that met current needs
  • Sourced and negotiated terms of partnership with training instructors and global training vendors


Training & Development

Training Producer

  • Co-started the first In-house training division globally
  • Recruited and trained new recruits 
  • Produced, developed and marketed in house programmes for the Asia Pacific and EMEA markets 


Sponsorship Sales

Sponsorship Sales

  • Secured big ticket sponsorship via tele-sales
  • Trained junior team members and new recruits
  • Worked with production team to ensure events developed had a high sponsorship potential



Quantity Surveyor​

  • Seri Wawasan Stay Cable Bridge in Putrajaya
  • Northport Wharf Extension
  • Ipoh-Rawang Double Tracking Railway
  • Serdang Hospital
  • Abdullah Hukum Pedestrian Bridge
  • Bill of Quantities Preparation & Tendering

Curriculum Vitae


Chief Operations Officer

The Educational, Welfare & Research Foundation Malaysia (EWRF)

EWRF is a local 43 year old Non-Government, Non-Profit foundation that focuses on developing the impoverished, vulnerable and marginalised communities in Malaysia through the empowerment and education of their youth. EWRF at the time of employment had 16 branches in 7 states with a maximum headcount of 18 employed personnel & 150 plus active volunteers.


  • Reporting to the Executive Board (Central Committee Members)
  • Carrying out all strategic activities of the foundation 
  • Overseeing the integrity, efficiency and effectiveness of all daily operations at the headquarters and its 16 supporting branches across 7 states
  • Ensuring all projects met objectives within the proposed budgets and timelines
  • Preparation of grant applications and funding proposals
  • Management of the foundation assets 
  • Selecting, hiring, developing and retaining a motivated and inspired team
  • Overseeing arrangements of all events, such as facilitator trainings, fundraising functions, national sport tournaments and drama competitions
  • Developing and overseeing new ideas and platforms that create more awareness on the foundation’s work while attracting funding and donations such as live webinars on social media
  • Designing, developing & maintaining the foundation’s official website (www.ewrf.org
  • Overseeing all media & publicity efforts, including press releases, designing of print as well as social media promotional materials, monthly newsletters and the foundation’s annual report


  • Hired, trained and retained 8 staff, 2 part-timers and 5 interns in addition to the existing 4 staff
  • Managed a total of a 18 staff team for 3 major projects running concurrently 
  • Applied and received grants, donations and sponsorship amounting to RM 1,570,000 from 2019 to 2021
  • Sourced donations of used Personal Computers that were then distributed to Islamic Schools worth RM 91,000
  • Sourced two container loads of hand sanitisers valued at RM 800,000 to be distributed to B40 (Low-income households) 
  • Successful completion of the English for Juniors, Civil Society Intervention and Counselling programmes that reached out to approximately 3950 students and 300 adults in 2 years
  • Successful implementation of weekly online webinars and Facebook Live sessions where some had reached up to 5,000 viewers
  • Successful national campaign for creating awareness of Technical & Vocational Education & Training (TVET) for marginalised communities which saw a record breaking 230 % increment in the enrollment of students into Government run Skill Training Institutions (ILP) 
  • Designed, developed & maintained the foundations new website with incorporating a whole new look and donation functions that saw an average of 1,000 visitors a month plus a total of RM 6,500 of donations since it’s first 4 months
  • Ensured proper Corporate Governance at all times

Training Specialist, Asia Pacific Training Division

Society of Petroleum Engineers

Beginning as a committee within the American Institute of Mining Engineers (AIME) in the early 1900s, SPE has grown into an independent, nonprofit global society with more than 124,800 members in 134 countries. SPE’s mission is to collect, disseminate, and exchange technical knowledge concerning the exploration, development and production of oil and gas resources for professionals to enhance their technical and professional competence.


  • Overall profitability and targets of the division 
  • Researching the needs, developing and executing technical training programs/events for the Oil & Gas Exploration and Production sector
  • Negotiating instructor fees, training venues and developing all relevant course materials to ensure a satisfactory customer/member experience
  • Overseeing marketing and promotional activities
  • Coming up with new training concepts and delivery methods


  • Recruited, managed & developed a team of four executives that have continued to lead the division in my absence
  • Increased the division’s role of delivering training courses from 10 to 40 training courses a year
  • Experimented with 8 day training courses that proved to be highly successful during challenging periods  faced by the oil & gas sector
  • Incorporated new pricing structures and developed new version of training courses
  • Built and strengthened relationships with local SPE chapters within the region to organise more training courses that bridge local knowledge and skill gaps
  • Was officially recognised as the highest revenue generator among all SPE profit centers globally not including event sponsorship
2011 - 2013

Business Development Manager of CAST (Centre for Advanced Security Training)

EC-Council International

The International Council of Electronic Commerce Consultants is an American organization that offers cybersecurity certification, education, training, and services in various cybersecurity skills. EC-Council is headquartered in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and has certified over 237,000 professionals from 145 countries.


  • Expanding the overall Centre for Advanced Security Training globally except Europe and South America
  • Working with Channel Partners and Accredited Training Centres globally except Europe and South America
  • Research and Development of new Info-Security training programs 
  • Recruiting and negotiating with authors and trainers 
  • Achieving the overall target for the division
  • Being part of the organising committee of EC-Council’s world renowned Hacker Halted Conference in Miami, Florida


  • Built a portfolio of 16 expert Cyber Security trainers from across the world
  • Secured the partnership of 12 local training companies globally to carry out the CAST Programmes 
  • Developed a suite of 6 professional Masterclass courses under the CAST banner
  • Recruited, trained and developed 2 team members who have continued to manage the division after my absence

Sales & Senior Producer for the In-House Training Division 

Marcus Evans (M)

Founded in 1983 Marcus Evans is one of the world’s leading business intelligence companies employing more than 3000 staff across a global network of 59 offices. Focused on providing its clients with the information and connections they need to accelerate performance in their business. 


  • Researching and developing new training programmes/events for the Asian, Middle Eastern and African regions 
  • Researching potential trainers and negotiating training fees  
  • Ensuring all training events run smoothly while achieving strict profit margins and providing support to the sales, marketing and operations divisions


  • Increased the division’s revenue to USD 1.2 million in 2010 from USD 750,000 in 2009
  • Negotiated better rates with trainers and partners therefore increasing revenue margins by 22%
  • Executed innovative products and experimented on risky revenue streams that proved to be highly successful which have now become bread and butter products 
  • Strategically identified new markets by establishing new segmentations & penetration
  • Recruited, managed & developed more than 8 junior personnel who have been promoted to independent positions
  • Successfully researched,  developed and executed more than 55 projects and trainings which on average reached more than 69% profit margin achieving higher than projected targets
  • Key ground-breaking projects; Energy Management for Desalination Plants, Corporate Forecasting Budgeting & Cost Control, Selling & Negotiation Skills for Oil & Gas Contracts, Reliability Centred Maintenance and many more
  • Achieved personal sales in excess of USD120,000 through cold calling within the initial 12 month period
  • Achieved Senior Executive within 3 months
  • Achieved No.1 for the whole division
  • Recruited and trained new team members who eventually became some of the highest achieving sales executives
  • Set-up the operating guidelines and operating structures that are still the common practice
  • Established partnerships with some of top leading trainers
2006 - 2008

Conference Sponsorship Sales / Business Development Executive

Marcus Evans (M)


  • Cold calling C-Level decision makers of leading industries to sell potential sponsorship packages at regional conferences
  • Negotiating expansions of Fortune 1000 companies from the US, Europe and Asia to the Middle East Region
  • Closing deals up to USD25,000 over the phone


  • Achieved top sales for the whole division by closing the fastest sales ever at that time
2001 - 2006

Quantity Surveyor

Muhibbah Engineering (M) & Struktur Evolusi Sdn Bhd

Muhibbah Engineering (M) Bhd is a public listed company on the Main Board of the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange (KLSE). Muhibbah was the first company in Malaysia to achieve ISO 9002 certification in 1995 in the construction sector, placing strong emphasis on quality and safety in every aspect of operations, and also the first construction company in Malaysia to have accomplished this. Muhibbah is renowned for being a leader in Marine Construction; since its incorporation in 1972. Today, Muhibbah also stands firm in the various discipline of Engineering Construction, both locally and internationally.


  • Construction operations for marine engineering projects
  • The measurement and pricing of construction work (Tendering & Bidding)
  • The settlement of change / ‘variation’ orders
  • Day to day monitoring of work completion against proposed schedule and budget
  • Sub-contract formation, amendments and negotiations
  • Forecasting of costs and values of new and ongoing projects
  • Cash flow forecasting based on new amendments and variations Preparation of the operation and maintenance manuals for each project
  • Contract negotiations


  • Completed the Seri Wawasan Cable Stay Bridge project in Putrajaya worth RM78,000,000
  • Completed the Wharf Extension project at Northport, Klang worth RM134,000,000
  • Ipoh-Rawang Double Tracking Railway Project
  • Completed the Serdang Hospital extension project