Analysing JOb Data

Analysing data to derive meaning

Analysing Job Data from Indeed and Monster

Data scraped from the  Indeed website stored in a SQLite3 database and viewed using DB Browser

Overall Summary

The notebook above takes you step by step from importing the data from the database, using a pandas dataframe to describe the data, clean the data and finally visualize the data. Most of what we see from the data is not surprising and are expected, where the python programming language is of high demand and the most preferred combinations among Python, SQL, Database, Data or Data Analysis skill sets are Python, SQL and Data combination. Also we can see that almost all job descriptions do not contain the key word beginner, this is reflective of what the market is currently facing, a short supply of experienced data related professionals compared to a huge supply of fresh blue eyed data graduates. This was highlighted in the article by 5 years ago, clearly showing the problem has not changed even till this very day. 

Now what could this mean to a new budding junior analyst seeking a job prospect today? Well one thing for sure, it is very clear what employers are looking for, someone very experienced possessing a perfect combination of skills, so is this something to cheer or worry about? Well I am not sure, all that the data is showing is that there is a huge demand for experienced and highly skilled candidates, unfortunately, being experienced has a time factor element attached to it, at the same time fortunately, the combination of skills a candidate posses is within his or her control and that is perhaps the single most important story the data is telling us.

The irony is that, there could not be anyone else better equipped in steering his or her life towards the direction they would want since they are the one with the data necessary to make the right choices and navigate correctly to their destination, especially today where data is everywhere. Perhaps this would be the real litmus test, can one apply the skill set they are offering to employers on themselves first and 

Observation 1

These charts show what is the sweet spot for number of languages sought after by employers. This is probably where we separate the norm from the very special.

Observation 2

Here we can clearly see what are the preferred combination of languages or knowledge stack by employers.

Observation 3

Data showing the preference for a senior candidate over a junior / beginner candidate.