Programming In Python

Projects done using the python language.

Morning misty clouds settle in East Clear Creek, Coconino National Forest, Arizona, August 1, 2012. Original public domain image from Flickr

Web Scraping with Selenium

I use Selenium for dynamic websites, though slow it is more reliable and robust. I have tried to work with Python's Beautiful Soup which is relatively easier to set up and get going and faster but has its shortcoming in sometimes missing some data and of course its inability in scraping Javascript rendered dynamic websites which are of a more common thing these days.

Plant on the beach sand background in health and wellbeing concept

GUI Application with PyQt5

Using PyQt5 which is one of the many Python GUI libraries I built a document filing application for an actual company enabling them to digitize their documents and transition to the cloud with more ease and less errors. PyQt5 is a python binding for the amazingly powerful Qt framework which traces its origins to an infamous legend of the mobile sector called Nokia.